Have you ever imagine walking into a zigzag road and with every turning you get to see a beauty of hills well if you have not been to such a magnificent place then how about Vattavada hill station a lush of green is waiting on the other side at the serene beauty of Kerala.
A hilly track of Vattavada settles within a line of beautiful Kerala is just 50km away from away from Munnar we looking at the most splendid view of the nearby areas.
Munnar itself is a deity of beauty and just a miles away we get to see a location which folds the nature in its hand and allows beauty to grow every second an amazing tea plantation of Munnar is just a beginning of vegetation here we get to explore an awesome vegetation standing at almost 6500 feet from sea level we could simply imagine how a picture would from the cliff of hill station.
A fascinating place observes beauty and its surrounding carries a gentle essence of breeze which delights a mind of tourist.

Being such an ideal it has not gained much popularity like that of Munnar a beauty within is yet to be explored and an understanding is yet to get mature.
A scenic village is blessed with a beauty of climate and that’s a prime reason of growing vegetation, series of amazing flora grows in an area of Vattavada such as Apple, Orange, and Strawberry, Blackberry, Plums, Gooseberry, Egg fruits, peach & passion fruits nurture here which is not to be found in its parental state Kerala.

Besides a beauty of flora it is also blessed with a culture of fauna many rare species is to be seen around the valley of beauty where sunshine makes it look for beauty and in its reflection multicolored butterflies and other winged species flies with a delight of an utmost.
Plan a trip here its virgin land and amazing topography is sure to you away into a world of beauty. Though a small village but has beauty of enormous, this year explore something out of the world walk away in to a foot hills of this beautiful valley and experience something you have not seen before.
Tour to Kerala and its significant attraction are very usual but how about walking into a hill of beautiful Vattavada where nature is calm and weather is something you always wanted to experience.
Trekking could well be a very excellent idea here at the hills of Vattavada, an amazing location for backpackers and for those who always wanted to see something unusual this hill station is ideal for them.
Apart from that an adjoining areas also offers a magnificent beauty and a trekking way joins various places within Kerala such as Kodaikanal, Top Station, Mattupetty, Kanthaloor and Meesapulimala. Trekkers do enjoy here and beside that you could also look for jeep safari, mountain biking, jungle camping to make your adventure trip more adventurous.
Travelling here is a fun where you will get to experience a lifestyle of local tribe of Vattavada.


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